Service and After Sales

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Our vehicles have proven their prowess as serious contenders in the local and international markets with an array of highly robust, reliable and affordable products. We uphold our promise of total customer satisfaction through unwavering and unflinching dedication to each and every customer by providing aftersales support of the highest calibre. We do vehicle maintenance and servicing with certified personnel.


We offer genuine spare parts for all our vehicle models so as to improve the longevity of our vehicles.


All vehicles are covered by a comprehensive warranty at industry standards, ensuring customers have complete peace of mind on their purchase. Our warranty provides customers the assurance that FAW and GOLDEN DRAGON stands behind its claim of quality manufacturing and distribution.


We support our customers 24/7/365, whether on or off-road. Our dedicated number is linked to a trigger number answered at a specialised Emergency Call Centre. Resolution of an incident is attempted telephonically, but, where required, assistance with towing is arranged. At Massbreed, we understand that your truck or bus is your business. Our dedicated dealership means that all queries get attended to promptly and no vehicle stands for longer than necessary, saving you time and money. Building stronger relationships with our current and prospective customers is of top priority.

In order to achieve the lowest running cost and maintain optimum performance customers are advised to service their trucks and buses at accredited FAW and GOLDEN DRAGON dealerships and fit only genuine parts